The communication industry has grown at an exponential level since the last decade in the German-African community. Most of this growth is due to the increasing number of Africans moving to Germany. Now that this market is mature, Radio Akwaaba FM is well positioned to capture it. Radio is part of the fabric of life in every community - it underpins so much of our culture. Radio Akwaaba FM can bask in its well-deserved status as one of the African Radio stations (in the Rhine Neckar Region) presenting an unrivalled range of infotainment. It would provide social action broadcasting aimed at the decisions and problems, which face Africans living in this area. We are striving to be the number one source of information, news and entertainment for the African community of Germany. Radio Akwaaba FM through the diversity of its programming targets Africans of all ages and background. Radio Akwaaba FM broadcasts in the English & Akan languages to Africans. Our programmes include News, Interviews, Religious sessions, Interactive programmes, Music, Announcements etc. We have programmes also for our French listeners. Our network of correspondents throughout Ghana and Africa gives us the edge in news coverage from the homeland. Our listeners are educated and hard working. They are normal workers found in all walks of life in the Rhine Neckar Region. They include employees, business owners, students, entrepreneurs etc. Most of our listeners are as comfortable speaking English as they do Akan and other African languages. Our listeners desire a medium that is capable of conveying the same quality of programming and in a language near to their mother language. Radio Akwaaba FM does just that. Our listeners spend more time listening to us than the average radio listener