Radio Akwaaba FM hit the airwaves on 5 March 2005 as a newly established, non-commercial station. It is registered at the Amtsgericht, Registergericht Mannheim (VR 700084). Its mission is to support the integration process, support children and youth activities, build bridges between the different cultures and to provide high quality, Non-Profitmaking Educational Radio service to the community. Radio Akwaaba FM provides a uniquely diversified format of music and talk, utilizing a team of unpaid volunteers, each with his or her own specialized expertise in music and or talk. Radio Akwaaba FM is a full-service Web radio station operating 24 hours a day. We also broadcast periodically on FM at 89.6 Mhz from Mannheim and 104.5 Mhz from Heidelberg at the Bermuda Funk Studios in Mannheim, Germany. Radio Akwaaba FM is a listener supported, totally community and global oriented station, offering radio programming which is always suitable for all listeners. Radio Akwaaba FM’s format offers a uniquely wide range of programming for almost every taste. International, national and local news is aired every hour on the hour. Informational programs thoroughly cover educational, social, cultural and important local, community issues on a weekly basis. Radio Akwaaba FM is the only African web radio station in the Rhine Neckar Region, which airs daily and with live programs. See our program schedule. In the often-voiced, unsolicited opinion of our dedicated listeners, “Radio Akwaaba