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Recipient: Radio Akwaaba FM, Account #: 0038673327, BLZ: 67050505, Bank: Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord, IBAN: DE05670505050038673327.

Radio Akwaaba FM is a non-profitmaking Radio Station. As such it does not depend on air commercials but depends solely on its listeners, sponsors and local business owners for its income. Radio Akwaaba FM is a totally independent radio station. All Radio Akwaaba FM’s funding comes only from the public it serves. Radio Akwaaba FM operates with a team of unpaid volunteers. Our volunteers give of their time freely, to provide the public airwaves and the World Wide Web a uniquely diversified format of programming, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One hundred percent of a donation to Radio Akwaaba FM goes directly into the operation of the station, there are no salaries. Radio Akwaaba FM is a licensed non-profit making organization therefore all donations you make to us are tax-deductible. That means a donation to Radio Akwaaba FM is a win-win-win situation; the station gets its much-needed revenue, the donor gets great programming and a tax deduction at end of the year.

Our mailing address is Radio Akwaaba FM, C/o Akwasi Opoku Edusei, Speckweg 196, 68305 Mannheim or Postfach 120533 68056 Mannheim. Email-Contact:;. Tel.: +49-1734901221, +49-1706282153, +4915218979681, +49-17662830876. We are there for you 365 days a year; we ask that you will be there for us on few occasions. Please donate and support us.